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Whimsical Mt. Rainier Engagement Session

First blog post!! Yay!! This was such a wonderful adventure engagement session with Leah and Ben at Mount Rainier National Park. It was definitely a long one too - I think we were together for over 9 hours for this day!! Which is crazy! But luckily there weren't any lapses in conversation for the whole mini road trip. I met Leah back in nursing school at Seattle University in I believe 2014 and we graduated as baby nurses in 2016. During nursing school we were paired together at times and got close throughout those stressful years college years. After we both graduated we both started working our first nursing jobs at Harborview Medical Center and have been there ever since. Leah and Ben have been together for over 8 years now and are set to be married this August, which I'm so excited to attend as a guest!! They are such a wonderful pair together and I always love getting together for double dates with the two of them! Ben himself is an amazing realtor in the Seattle area and actually helped my fiancé and I purchase our first home! He's a wonderful realtor and you should definitely check him out if you're in the market for a home! 

This session of theirs brought all the love and laughter to Mt. Rainier and luckily we were blessed with these gorgeous blue skies on this August day. I am honestly so in love with the whole photo session that I think I edited almost 200 photos...yikes!! But how could you not when you have babes like this in front of your camera, majestic PNW views, and the warm sun on your skin?! Honestly this was barely even considered a hike but I still got a bit out of breath, especially when carrying my heavy camera backpack - so much equipment for my little body to haul! It did most definitely make me want to get outdoors more, especially since this was my first time to the park even though I've lived here for 12 years (which is absolutely crazy to think about!). 

With the mountains in the background I absolutely had to play with the double exposures, prisms, and other little tricks in my tool kit. What types on photos are your favorite? Do you like the more artsy one-of-a-kind photos?  I would love to do many more sessions here for years to come - so if you're down for an adventure, give me a holler and let's talk deets ;) 

Please keep in mind though when you're running off to beautiful places like this in the mountains - do not disturb the wildlife or the nature! There are signs posted for a reason to keep people out of the meadows because that ground is fragile and if people keep trampling it, there's no way to keep the beauty going for generations to come. So think about those things next time you're out exploring! Keep Washington beautiful and adventure outside :)
Couple embracing in front of Mt. Rainier.
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