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Ultimate Seattle Wedding Guide: Top Venues, Packages, & More

Table of Contents:

Alright my Seattle-lovin’ bb’s, this one’s for you! Whether you’re a Seattle native and wouldn’t dream of getting married elsewhere, or you’re coming from the east coast to make your fairytale PNW wedding happen, you’ve made it to the right place. Having lived near Seattle for the majority of my life, you bet I’m an absolute pro when it comes to not just the Seattle wedding industry, but also just Seattle life in general! That’s why I wanted to put together a whole-ass Seattle wedding guide, filled with all of my top Seattle reccs: the best Seattle wedding venues, engagement session locations, rehearsal dinner restaurants, hotels, packages, & SO. Much. More. Ready to get the inside scoop on alllll the Seattle wedding deets you’ll need to know to get married in this iconic city?!

Why Get Married in Seattle?

If you’re a local, feel free to skip this section, since you probably already know all the things that make Seattle so great 😉 But if you’re not from the area, then you may be wondering – why get married in Seattle? 

I could literally go on for hours about why Seattle is such a fucking amazing location for a wedding, but I’ll save you a little time and just give you a quick list of the top reasons you should get married in Seattle:

  1. You have access to not only the city, but to epic outdoor locations nearby (mountains, forests, beaches, etc.)
  2. There are ten billion amazing restaurants to drool over, no matter what cuisine you’re looking for (and plenty of rooftop bars with incredible views, too!)
  3. The Seattle skyline is pretty iconic, featuring the Space Needle & mountains everywhere you look (the Olympics, Cascades, etc.)
  4. There are neighborhoods & venues to fit every type of wedding vibe, from rustic wineries to industrial chic warehouses to luxury waterfront resorts
  5. The coffee is 10/10 (duh)
  6. You’ll never run out of things to do with the endless parks, museums, art galleries, sports games, outdoor rec, & more
  7. It’s close to places like Mount Rainier, Vancouver B.C., and the San Juan Islands – which all make for awesome day trips/weekend trips
  8. It’s easy to escape the city and find yourself in a lush forest, if you prefer those woodsy PNW vibes

Best Neighborhoods in Seattle for Weddings

While most of the neighborhoods in Seattle have their own unique venues + activities to offer, the vibes of each neighborhood are totally different and can have a big impact on the atmosphere of your wedding day! So in case you’re not super familiar with the different parts of Seattle, I wanted to give you a quick rundown of the main neighborhoods and a glance at what the vibes are like in each one. That way you know exactly what to expect, and can make sure you pick a venue in a neighborhood that matches the mood/theme you’re going for!


The vibes: Small town in a big city; historic-meets-hip

Known for: Yummy food, fun bars, good shopping

Beacon Hill

The vibes: Diverse, community-oriented

Known for: Pretty parks, views of downtown Seattle, vibrant Asian & Latino community


The vibes: Trendy, hip

Known for: Top-notch nightclubs, art galleries, young crowds

Capitol Hill

The vibes: LGBTQ+ affirming, vibrant & lively

Known for: Bars, brunch spots, unique boutiques, Volunteer Park

Chinatown-International District

The vibes: Rich Asian-American culture

Known for: Authentic cuisine, beautiful art galleries, quirky boutiques


The vibes: Urban, bustling waterfront

Known for: Tourist attractions, Pike Place, popular restaurants

Fremont & Wallingford

The vibes: Charming, friendly, artsy bohemian

Known for: Lively music venues, boutiques, cafes

Pioneer Square

The vibes: Charming, historic, artsy

Known for: Historic architecture, Smith Tower, modern hospitality

Queen Anne

The vibes: Touristy, artsy

Known for: Walkability, views, Chihuly Garden & Glass, MoPOP, yummy restaurants


The vibes: Industrial-turned-trendy, hip

Known for: Eclectic restaurants, craft beverages, renovated industrial buildings

University District

The vibes: College, artsy

Known for: Student life, museums, parks

Best Time of Year to Get Married In Seattle

Even if you’ve NEVER been to Seattle, you’re probably familiar with the reputation we have for being one of the rainiest cities in the country 😵‍💫And while I love a good rainy day & a cozy fall season, not every couple dreams of a romantic wedding day in the rain. While you can never really predict the weather and definitely have to prepare for anything, you CAN increase your chances of sunny weather by picking the right time of year to get married!! So, friends, here’s an overview of Seattle’s weather to give you a peek at what season might be right for you, whether you want to tie the knot under the soft light of an overcast day or you’re crossing your fingers for blue skies & sunshine.

You should get married in the summer if: You want wildflowers, sunny skies, and warm temperatures for outdoor activities

You should NOT get married in the summer if: You want to avoid crowds and higher travel/accommodation costs, smoky skies, and heat waves

You should get married in the fall if: You want gorgeous fall colors & changing leaves, you’re okay with cooler temperatures, you want to hike/explore lower elevation locations

You should NOT get married in the fall if: You want warm temperatures, you want to avoid rain, or you want to hike at high elevation locations

You should get married in the winter if: You want to avoid crowds as much as possible, you love winter sports, you want a magical winter wonderland

You should NOT get married in the winter if: You hate cold temperatures/rain, you want to hike in the mountains

You should get married in the spring if: You want lush greenery & blooming flowers, you’re okay with cooler temperatures, you’re okay with rain, you want to get married at a waterfall, you want to hike/explore lower elevation locations

You should NOT get married in the spring if: You want warm temperatures, you don’t like rain, you want to for sure be able to hike in the mountains without snow

What are the best months to get married in Seattle?

Overall, I’d say that the best months to get married in Seattle are May-October, when you’re most likely to have comfortable temperatures and a low chance of rain! While spring & fall are beautiful in Seattle for sure, it does get rainy & cold pretty quickly, and locations in the nearby mountains will close down once the snow comes in the fall, and until it’s all melted in the spring. But if you’re staying in the city and don’t mind overcast skies, fall is GORGEOUS in Seattle with the changing colors and cozy autumn activities!

Here’s a quick glimpse at the more “extreme” months in Seattle in terms of weather:

Driest month: July

Wettest month: November

Warmest month: August

Coldest month: December

Snowiest month: January

Average Seattle Wedding Costs + Ways to Save Money

Let’s talk money, honey!! If you’ve asked any of these questions during the planning process – 

How much does it cost to get married in Seattle? How can you save money on your wedding? How should you budget for your Seattle wedding?!

– then you’re in the right spot. I’ve gotten married in the greater Seattle area myself, and have photographed SO damn many Seattle weddings, so I def have some money tips I can give ya. Keep in mind, obviously, that every wedding and every couple is COMPLETELY different, so your budget may not look like what I describe, or some of the money-saving tips I give you might not apply to your unique wedding – and that’s totally fine! It all depends on your own financial priorities, values, and what you want your day to look + feel like.

How much does an average Seattle wedding cost?

According to the Wedding Report, the average cost of a wedding in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area for 2022 was $45,225. This obviously is just an average based on the way that Wedding Report collects data, but it can help give you an idea of what your costs MIGHT look like. You can also get more specific estimates by using their Wedding Cost Estimator!

Seattle wedding costs to keep in mind

What might be more helpful for now than an average, though, is a list of potential costs to consider. It can be easy to forget about certain vendors or items you’ll have to pay for when the day comes, and there ARE a few specific numbers I can give you right off the bat – so here’s a list of potential wedding costs you may want to account for in your Seattle wedding budget!

  • Legal stuff:
    • Marriage license ($69 application fee in King County)
    • Park entrance fees ($30 for Mount Rainier, $10/day for state park Discover Pass, parking fees at local parks, etc.)
    • Special Use Permit ($175 for Mount Rainier, varies by other public parks)

  • Vendors:
    • Venue
    • Officiant
    • Photographer
    • Videographer
    • Planner/coordinator
    • Rentals
    • Hair
    • Makeup
    • Meals/snacks (caterer, chef, food truck, restaurant, etc.)
    • Drinks
    • Music (DJ, band, etc.)
    • Florist
    • Baker
    • Stationery
    • Decor

  • Outfits + accessories:
    • Dress, veil
    • Suit, tie, tie clip
    • Jewelry (cufflinks, necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc.)
    • Wedding rings
    • Hairpieces
    • Shoes

  • Travel:
    • Gas
    • Rental car
    • Airfare
    • Accommodations
    • Insurance

  • Miscellaneous:
    • Vow books
    • Gifts for each other
    • Favors for guests

3 ways to save money on your Seattle wedding

If you saw all those costs and now you’re thinking, “Hooooly shit, how are we going to pay for all that?!”, you’re not alone 😅Traditional weddings cost a LOT of money, and even if you have a smaller wedding or an elopement, costs can rack up really fast, just in other ways (e.g. you might spend more on flowers & a photographer for an elopement, and more on a venue & catering for a larger wedding). But don’t worry – there are a TON of ways you can save money & cut some corners when it comes to your wedding budget, and it’s all about figuring out what your priorities are! 

Here are 3 ways to save money on your wedding in Seattle:

  1. Have your ceremony & reception at separate locations: One of the biggest costs for traditional weddings is a venue rental, so if you want to avoid that, you could have your ceremony somewhere public like a local park, a national park, or even somewhere private like your backyard – then only have your reception at a venue or a restaurant! This will cut your venue costs from an all-day rental down to maybe just a few hours of rental time, which is HUGE. It’s usually super cheap to have a ceremony at a national, state, or local park as long as you get the proper permits in time! Alternatively, you could have a private courthouse ceremony (super cheap & easy), then meet up with your guests later for a reception.
  2. Get married during the off-season and/or on a weekday: Late spring, summer, and early fall are the most popular times for weddings in Seattle due to the sunny, blue skies and the lack of rain! Because of this, most venues will be significantly more expensive during the summer, especially on weekends. So if you want to save a good chunk of money on your venue, consider getting married in the winter and/or on a weekday instead of a weekend! Seattle is still magical in the wintertime, it’s honestly the perfect time to cozy up inside with your loved ones 🙂
  3. Rent an Airbnb or cabin for all of your guests instead of a hotel: This last one only works if you have a more intimate group, but it’s a really great way to both spend more quality time with your guests AND save money on accommodations! If you can venture outside of the city a little bit and find a spacious cabin or Airbnb, you can rent it for a few nights and invite your guests to stay with you. This way, you can save on expensive hotel costs in the city, and have the whole place to yourselves to celebrate! 🎉 

Top 20 Wedding Venues In & Around Seattle

I’ll be honest, there are COUNTLESS amazing wedding venues in the Seattle area – so many that it can be pretty damn hard to choose just one. There’s really something for every type of couple, too, from industrial chic, renovated warehouses in the city to elegant rooftop bars to enchanting gardens in the woods!! So I’ve narrowed it down for ya, with a list of the top 20 best wedding venues in & around Seattle, as well as a list of even MORE venues a little further away from the city. We’ve got intimate wedding venues, we’ve got outdoor & indoor wedding venues, we’ve got pet-friendly wedding venues so that your doggos can be part of the party. . . the city is your oyster!!

Best Intimate Seattle Wedding Venues

Olympic Rooftop Pavilion

Location: Ballard

The vibe: Urban wonderland

Max guest capacity: 130 for seated, family-style dinner; 150 for cocktail reception-style 

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights:

  • Gorgeous vaulted ceilings & skylight
  • Panoramic views of the Olympics, Cascades, and Puget Sound
  • Open-air patio
  • Built-in sound system
  • Accommodations at Hotel Ballard
  • Exclusive Stoneburner catering

Take a peek at Natalie & Gary’s Intimate Summer Olympic Rooftop Pavilion Wedding for some gorg real-life inspo!!

Within Sodo

Location: Sodo

The vibe: Rustic + industrial

Max guest capacity: 625 (450 downstairs, 175 upstairs)

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights: 

  • Spacious rooftop & bar
  • In-house coordinator
  • Four versatile spaces that you can customize
  • Dramatic skyline views
  • Rustic exposed brick walls

Smith Tower

Location: Pioneer Square

The vibe: Classy, roaring-20’s-skyscraper

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights: 

  • Dreamy observatory bar on the 35th floor
  • Killer views of Seattle & the surrounding mountains from the Lookout
  • Catering menu featuring local favorites
  • Delicious handcrafted cocktails

Seattle Municipal Court

Location: Downtown

The vibe: Spontaneous courthouse elopement

Max guest capacity: 8, including the couple

Venue highlights: 

  • Flexible ceremony times
  • Multiple ceremony locations to choose from (both indoor & outdoor, with city views)
  • Time to take photos before ceremony
  • Ideal downtown location

Block 41

Location: Belltown

The vibe: Industrial chic

Max guest capacity: 720+ for total building with courtyard

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights:

  • Plenty of natural light
  • Gorgeous steel & concrete details
  • Multiple spaces to choose from, from elegant ballrooms to eclectic theaters
  • Iconic Seattle mural
  • Private outdoor courtyard
  • Versatile & unique event spaces

Want more info on all of these amazinggg venues? Here’s a full guide to the Best Intimate Wedding Venues In Seattle!

Best Outdoor Seattle Wedding Venues

Cedarbrook Lodge

Location: SeaTac

The vibe: Northwest charm

Max guest capacity: 200

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights: 

  • Multiple ceremony & reception sites to choose from
  • Lush gardens
  • Easy access to SeaTac
  • Warm & romantic indoor hall
  • Customized catering options

Trinity Tree Farm

Location: Issaquah

The vibe: Woodsy & rustic PNW

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights: 

  • Charming barn & cozy lodge venues
  • Rustic log cabin
  • Lawn games
  • Nighttime s’mores

Bella Luna Farms

Location: Snohomish

The vibe: Romantic farmstead

Max guest capacity: 

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights: 

  • Local chefs & farm-to-table dining
  • Extensive gardens
  • European-inspired buildings
  • Charming family-farm atmosphere
  • Towering evergreens

TreeHouse Point

Location: Issaquah

The vibe: Upscale glamping in the woods

Max guest capacity: 80

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights: 

  • One-of-a-kind (& world renowned!) treehouses
  • Gorgeous forest atmosphere
  • Luxurious escape from the city
  • Unique accommodations in the trees
  • On-site venue manager

Twin Willow Gardens

Location: Snohomish

The vibe: Enchanting garden fairytale

Max guest capacity: 150

Starting cost: $9,500 for Friday weddings

Venue highlights: 

  • Gorgeous old-growth trees
  • Lush gardens
  • Spacious, tented reception area
  • Patio with bistro lights
  • Tiny homes for wedding party prep
  • On-site venue manager

Best Indoor Seattle Wedding Venues

Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Location: Downtown

The vibe: Elegant + detail-oriented

Max guest capacity: 650

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights: 

  • 28,000 square feet of event space
  • 15 meeting & event rooms to choose from
  • Renowned culinary team & delicious banquet menus
  • Accommodations for couple & guests
  • Ideal downtown location
  • Close proximity to Pike Place, Seattle Art Museum, & Great Wheel

Imperia Lake Union

Location: North Lake Union

The vibe: Roaring-20’s-Art-Deco

Max guest capacity: 

Starting cost: $1,500 venue rate + $4,000 catering minimum for Mon-Thurs weddings before 3pm

Venue highlights: 

  • 6,000 square feet of private event space
  • Views of Lake Union
  • 10-foot chandeliers
  • Option to have ceremony at Fairview Park
  • Gourmet dinner menus
  • Easy access to nearby hotels & public transportation
  • On-site florist

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Location: Downtown 

The vibe: Bright, bold, & unique

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights: 

  • Dramatic Glasshouse
  • Stunning landscaping
  • Colorful & iconic glass sculptures
  • Located right next to the Space Needle
  • On-site bar with creative cocktails & bites

The Nest at Thompson

Location: Downtown

The vibe: Classy rooftop bar & lounge

Max guest capacity: 150-200 with full buyout; 60-80 with partial buyout

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights: 

  • Part of the Hyatt
  • Overlooks Pike Place & the waterfront
  • Spectacular views of Elliott Bay
  • Stylish ambiance & furniture
  • Thoughtfully curated menus & delicious cocktails
  • Ability to buy out the venue (fully or partially)
  • Heated & tented outdoor deck in the winter

Best Dog-Friendly Seattle Wedding Venues

Fremont Foundry

Location: Fremont

The vibe: Modern & industrial

Max guest capacity: 225 seated, 850 standing

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights: 

  • Sky-lit atrium with high ceilings
  • Outdoor courtyard & rooftop terrace
  • Floating glass dance floor
  • Versatile spaces
  • Gorgeous views of North Seattle
  • Catering provided by Herban Feast & Fox Hollow Farm

AXIS Pioneer Square

Location: Pioneer Square

The vibe: Charming, hidden art gallery

Max guest capacity: 250+ seated, 550 cocktail-style

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights: 

  • Customizable modular space
  • Access to Nord Alley for charming ceremonies
  • Beautiful art gallery

Olympic Sculpture Park

Location: Downtown

The vibe: Artsy waterfront

Max guest capacity: 350

Starting cost: $4,500+ for ceremony & reception

Venue highlights: 

  • Gorgeous views of Elliott Bay & the Olympics
  • Beautiful art
  • Day-of coordinator
  • Spacious dance area
  • Indoor & outdoor spaces available

Edgewater Hotel

Location: Downtown

The vibe: Urban, waterfront fairytale

Max guest capacity: 

Starting cost: $162/person

Venue highlights: 

  • Rich musical history
  • Iconic location on the waterfront
  • Professional catering services
  • Multiple spaces to choose from
  • Seattle’s only over-water hotel

MV Skansonia

Location: North Lake Union

The vibe: Luxury yacht party

Max guest capacity: 175 seated, 200 standing

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights: 

  • Historic waterfront location (literally, it’s a boat on the water)
  • Views of downtown Seattle
  • Large outdoor deck
  • Elevated nautical decor/interior theme
  • Yummy farm-to-fork catering by Herban Feast & Fox Hollow Farm
  • Backup indoor ceremony location in case of rain

Sodo Park

Location: Sodo

The vibe: Rustic romance

Max guest capacity: 300 seated; 500 cocktail-style

Starting cost: N/A – contact venue for pricing

Venue highlights: 

  • Flexible 7,500-square-foot open floor plan
  • Custom cuisine by Herban Feast & bar service
  • In-house event design available
  • Exposed beams & high ceilings

Best Wedding Venues Outside of Seattle

And lastly, if you’re looking to get married a little further away from the bustling city, here’s a quick list of some of my favorite venues outside of Seattle! You can find more details about each one in my guide to the Best Wedding Venues In or Near Seattle 🙂

Top 10 Seattle Engagement Session Locations

I personally love it when couples have their engagement session in the same area as their wedding, especially if they’re not local – this creates a great opportunity to explore the area before you actually tie the knot, and maybe even tour some potential venues!! So whether you live in Seattle and you’ll be doing your engagement session AND wedding in/near the city, or you’ll be traveling in for both, here are some of my personal fave engagement photo locations in Seattle 🙂

1. Olympic Sculpture Park – A big park with cool-ass sculptures, large green lawn, waterfront views, indoor pavilion, & a beach on Puget Sound

2. Discovery Park The largest park in the city with semi-paved trails, meadows, beach spots, and even a lighthouse

3. Gasworks Park A unique park on the site of an old gasification plant with access to Lake Union, great views of the city, and large grassy areas

4. Volunteer Park Home to the dreamy Volunteer Park Conservatory, gorgeous flowers & greenery, and easy access to Capitol Hill

5. Pioneer Square A unique neighborhood with art galleries, hip restaurants, historic architecture, and pretty walls & alleys 

6. Smith Tower A tower with amazing views of Seattle from the 35th floor observatory, yummy cocktails & dishes

7. Pike Place Market The most touristy spot in Seattle besides the Space Needle, filled with unique shops, restaurants, cafes, & more at the waterfront

8. Downtown/Waterfront Views of Elliott Bay, museums, aquariums, shops, & restaurants

9. Alki Beach A beautiful beach park in West Seattle with views of Puget Sound & surrounding mountains, and plenty of little restaurants & cafes

10. Golden Gardens Park A park in Ballard with beaches, trails, and picnic areas

Top Seattle Restaurants for a Rehearsal Dinner

I’m a big foodie myself, so trust me when I say that I know how important of a factor food is on your wedding day!! Luckily, Seattle has MORE than enough exquisite places to eat no matter your palette or dietary needs/preferences, so you have to take advantage of your options when it comes to having a rehearsal dinner. Here are a few incredible restaurants in Seattle that would be fabulous for your rehearsal dinner with a few family members & friends!!

The Nest at Thompson Rooftop bar & lounge with panoramic views of Elliott Bay, an elegant ambiance, gorgeous cocktails, and exceptional seasonal dishes

Canlis Stunning penthouse with views of Lake Union & the Cascades, a full-service bar, and a classy dress code

Ray’s Boathouse Full bar & dining menus with seafood, meat, and vegetarian options

Westward Views of north Lake Union, outdoor deck, fire pit, oysters, seafood, & a little bit of Mediterranean influence

Dockside at Dukes Waterfront views of Lake Union, indoor & outdoor areas, sustainable seafood, delicious meat

Charlotte Restaurant & Lounge Contemporary PNW cuisine paired with Asian-inspired ingredients, views of downtown Seattle from the 16th floor, delicious cocktails

Seattle Marriage Licenses & Wedding Permits

Now I know we’ve been talking about ALL sorts of fun stuff like locations, wedding vibes, delish food, and drool-worthy cocktails, but we can’t forget about some of the more boring, legal stuff too. This section is dedicated to Washington state marriage laws, licenses, and permits that you need to be familiar with if you’d like to get married in Seattle!

Basic Washington State marriage laws

First off, here’s a list of the basic Washington marriage laws you need to know:

  • WA residency required? No
  • Minimum age: 18
  • Blood test required? No
  • Witnesses required: 2 over the age of 12
  • Mandatory waiting period: 3 days
  • License valid for: 60 days
  • Licensing fee: Varies by county ($69 in King County)

Once you have your Washington marriage license, you can use it anywhere in the state! So if you live, say, in eastern WA, you can get your license in your home county, then use it in Seattle.

How to get your King County marriage license

Here’s the process you’ll need to go through to get a Washington State marriage license through King County:

  1. Use the county’s Online Ceremony Date Calculator to find out when you should obtain your marriage license (such a helpful tool!)
  2. Choose whether you’ll apply online or via mail
    1. Apply online:
      1. Complete your application through the King County Online Marriage Kiosk
      2. Complete the process either over the phone or in person and pay your licensing fee
    2. Apply by mail:
      1. Complete this application and have it notarized
      2. Send the original notarized application with a check (payable to “King County Recorder”) or money order for $69 to the following address:

King County Recorder’s Office

201 S. Jackson St.

Suite 204

Seattle, WA 98104

  1. Pick up your license at the Seattle office

Do you need a permit to get married in Seattle?

It depends on where you’ll be having your ceremony! 

If you want to get married in a Seattle park or garden, you’ll need to make an Outdoor Ceremony Reservation.

If you want to get married in a state park near Seattle, you’ll only need a Special Activities Permit if your group has over 75 people.

And if you want to get married in a national park near Seattle, you’ll need a Special Use Permit – find permitting info for Olympic NP here, Mount Rainier NP here, and North Cascades NP here.

Where to Stay for Your Seattle Wedding

You know where to get married, where to eat, where to get your marriage license, and where to have your engagement photos taken. . . but what about where to stay for your Seattle wedding?! 

Fortunately, Seattle is packed with gorgeous places to stay, from luxury waterfront hotels all the way to unique Airbnbs literally in the trees just 30 minutes outside of the city. Below, I’ve compiled a couple lists of the best hotels in Seattle as well as some unique Airbnbs a little further outside the heart of downtown, in case that’s more your vibe!

Best Seattle Hotels

Unique Airbnbs Further From Downtown

Seattle Wedding Photography Packages & Pricing

Back to a little money talk – if you want more deets about everythingggg I offer to my incredible couples and want to get some numbers, check out my Seattle wedding packages & pricing on my website!! Not only will I capture every little special moment of your day, I’ll also help you craft your perfect timeline, provide you with tips to make every step of the planning process as stress-free as possible, refer you to all of my favorite Seattle wedding vendors, and so much more. Booking is a damn BREEZE once you fill out my contact form – I’ll send you a pricing guide with all the tidbits you’ll need to get started 😉 Happy planning!!

Full Washington Elopement Guide

If you’re thinking of planning an elopement instead of a traditional wedding, and you’re considering expanding your options outside of Seattle, then I’ve got just the thing for you: a Full Guide to How to Elope in Washington From A-Z!! This guide goes through literally EVERYTHING about eloping in Washington, from where to elope to the best seasons to pros & cons and sooo much more. Read it here to become a total Washington elopement pro 😉

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